Non-Diet Wellness, LLC provides client-centered nutrition therapy and counseling.

Our approach is aimed at the whole person. We combine science with real world experience to help individuals explore a positive relationship with food and body.

Whether you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder or just feel unsure about your food choices and eating patterns, we can help you explore a positive relationship with food.

Beyond nutrition counseling, we offer experiential activities to allow you to take actionable steps toward your goals in a safe space free from bias and stigma. We are here to provide guidance and support as you navigate your personal recovery journey.

Sessions are offered via secure video conferencing and in-person.

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Is our approach right for you?

Do you have questions? Are you feeling skeptical about making the investment in nutrition counseling? Feel free to send us a message regarding your specific concerns. We are happy to tell you more about our services and approach to well-being. This is a great way to  determine if we’d be a good fit to work together.