Annette Adams, MDA, RDN, LD/N provides client-centered nutrition therapy and counseling. Our approach is aimed at the whole person. We combine science with real world experience to help individuals explore a positive relationship with food and body in order to reach their optimum level of well-being.

We also believe in securing a quality future for the nutrition profession but mentoring and supporting students and interns in their journey to become registered dietitian nutritionists.

We offer nutrition counseling to help you:

  • Manage chronic medical conditions (such as kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, GI disorders);
  • Recover from disordered eating; and
  • Reach your health goals without restrictive diets.

Sessions are offered in-person and via secure video conferencing.

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Becoming a dietitian is HARD. We want to support you on your journey with podcasts, webinars, coaching and other resources just for the RD2Be.

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Is our approach right for you?

Contact us to schedule a free 15 minute Discovery Call to discuss your health concerns and goals. We will tell you more about our services and approach to well-being. During this call, we will determine if we’d be a good fit to work together. This call is great if you have questions or are skeptical about making the investment in working with a dietitian.