Our Vision

A society that has reclaimed the joy of food and supports disease management and well-being without chronic dieting or disordered eating.

Our Mission

To create a safe space to explore a positive relationship with food free from stigma and bias and to support individuals in their journey to well-being.

Meet our Dietitian

Image of Dietitian - woman with dark hair in grey shirt with plants in backgroundAnnette Adams is a registered dietitian nutritionist licensed in the state of Florida. Annette received her undergraduate degree in Food and Nutrition from The University of Alabama. Following her undergraduate program, she earned her Master of Dietetic Administration (MDA) degree through Utah State University. She is currently pursuing her certification as an Intuitive Eating Counselor.

Annette is committed to helping individuals discover their best self by honoring their internal wisdom and values. Through counseling and food experiential activities, Annette encourages her clients to approach nutrition with curiosity and explore what works for them individually. She enjoys continued learning and sharing that knowledge with others through conducting workshops, creating resources, and giving presentations throughout her community.

Since becoming a dietitian, Annette has worked as a consultant dietitian in a variety of healthcare settings. She has had the pleasure of working with individuals with mental illness, disordered eating, intellectual disabilities, diabetes, kidney disease, cerebral palsy, gastrointestinal disorders, and cardiovascular disease. This experience has given her a unique perspective on nutrition and well-being. Annette brings her varied experience to her private practice where she is able to help individuals across the health spectrum.

As nutrition faculty for Valencia College and the University of Central Florida, Annette has the honor of educating future healthcare professionals on the science of nutrition. She is especially passionate about supporting future dietitians through her podcast, The RD2Be Podcast, and other coaching services designed for those pursuing a career in nutrition and dietetics.