Welcome to our Dietitian Databases! 

We actually have two separate databases - one for potential preceptors willing to help a dietetic student and another where dietitians can request the help of a dietetic student volunteer.


Potential Preceptor Database

If you choose to be included in this database, you will be under NO OBLIGATION to help every student who contacts you. Your contact information will not be shared publicly but available through a private membership site only. In addition, if you so choose, I will keep your information completely private and you will only be contacted by me after screening the student/intern based on your requirements.

If you would like to help a future colleague, click the link below:

Potential Preceptor Database

Volunteers Needed

Do you have a short-term or ongoing project and could use an extra set of hands? Dietetic students are always looking for opportunities to get experience and help dietitians – both locally and virtually.

Students can help:

  • Manage social media
  • Create patient education materials
  • Assist at health fairs/conferences
  • Literature reviews
  • Menu/recipe development
  • And so much more

Click the link below to add your information to our database. Help is waiting.

Volunteer Experience Database 

Volunteer needed